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Québec 1000 Families: An Initiative of the Transforming Autism Care Consortium (TACC).

This large network includes more than 70 researchers from Québec universities and health institutions. It also brings together hundreds of trainees and associate members, including clinicians, professionals, educators, autistic people, families, and other community members.

By mobilizing researchers and community members, TACC contributes to accelerating the process of discovery and the integration of research knowledge into practices and policies, to the benefit of autistic people and their families.

Québec 1000 Families

Québec 1000 families (Q1K) aims to engage autistic people and their families as partners in an innovative, open, and inclusive scientific initiative.

By building links throughout the community, Q1K will facilitate the transfer of information and knowledge into policy and clinical practice.

Q1K: A History of Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of Q1K: researchers sharing their expertise, professionals and clinicians facilitating the integration of research in clinical settings, and research teams joining forces across sites. This collaborative structure also allows research to be grounded in the reality of families and to foster social inclusion. A collaborative model allows the health care system to evolve and transform, as well as integrate new knowledge and improve supports for autistic people and their families.